The TOUGHPHONE brand is a mobile solution with a very strong construction that provides immense resistance even to the most difficult working conditions. The design of the TOUGHPHONE was designed to be similar to that of a military-grade device that complies with the MIL-STD-810G. Thanks to this construction, the units are resistant to falling, impact and vibration, low and high temperature or high altitude operation. Under difficult conditions, of course, resistance to dust and water. The proposed solutions offer a level of protection from IP67 to IP68. This is a solution recommended for work in very difficult environmental conditions

The second important consideration when designing TOUGHPHONE phones is the ergonomics and comfort of using them. They must have a high ergonomics to use, while being resistant to difficult working conditions. The TOUGHPHONE S2, for example, is a sleek, sleek smartphone that weighs just a few pounds and offers ergonomics. It is dedicated to those who, in addition to working in difficult conditions, doing extreme sports or hunting, often wear a smart suit. Most TOUGHPHONE models are available with battery charging via a wireless base (Qi system).